The Occidental Guest

Gladstone Gallery, New York City - 2006

Above photographs: Drawing Restraint 13: The Instrument of Surrender, Cast petroleum jelly, cast polycaprolactone thermoplastic, self lubricating plastic, and black sand, 36 x 423 x 182", 2006. This giant sculpture consists of a flensing deck, footprints in both Vaseline and plastic (plus a pair of plastic shoes), a plastic rope, and a plastic table with plastic tools. I couldn't capture the whole sculpture in one photo, but I've placed the photos in order (top to bottom = left to right).

Drawing Restraint 9, Polycaprolactone thermoplastic, aquaplast, and self-lubricating plasitc, 36.5 x 114 x 80", 2006 (edition of 10 + 2 artist's proofs). This sculpture replicates various whaling tools in white plastic. This room also contains 19 drawings housed in self-lubricating plastic frames.

Torii, Vivak, cast polycaprolactone thermoplastic, and acrylic, 64 x 326 x 260 ", 2006. This sculpture is a crumpled plastic version of the mast (mast may not be the correct nautical term - sorry) of the Nisshin Maru used to hoist the log of ambergris onboard in Drawing Restraint 9. The title, Torii, is the Japanese word for the gates that stand outside Shinto temples (which have a similar shape to the Nisshin Maru mast).

The Deportment of the Host, Cast polycaprolactone thermoplastic and self-lubricating plastic, 104 x 360 x 243", 2006. This sculpture portrays the tatami room from Drawing Restraint 9 after it has been flooded with (now congealed) petroleum jelly. In the top photo, you can see the column of barnacles in the rear center and the tea cauldron lying atop the petroleum jelly in the foreground. In the middle photo, you can see one collapsed wall to the right, covered in petroleum jelly. In the bottom photo you see the sink and the entry to the room -- this wall is located around the right hand side of the other two photos. Not pictured is the rear wall, which has three portholes.

This was the longest line I've ever seen for a gallery opening in Chelsea. The doorway to the gallery is just behind the ice cream truck at the left of the above photograph. The line stretched all the way to the gas station at the right side of the photo.

Here is a picture from the other end of the line.

There are some good images of the exhibition on Flickr Here, Here, and Here.