Cremaster Fanatic

Kevin Mathieu - Wrastling in Petroleum Jelly at the Shipyard

5 minutes, 2006

A celebration in honor of Jim Mason and the new space at the Shipyard, made with 110 gallons of Peteroleum Jelly from the MOMA's recent exhibit of Matthew Barney. This event was a surprise to Jim secretly planned by Steve "not there for cleanup" Valdez, Ryon Gesink, Greg Jones, and Evan, plus setup and clean up help by many including: HazMat, Babalou, Kimric Smythe, Peter, Shannon, the Extra Action Marching Band Irregulars, Michael Christian ( thanks for the "oven" and staging space), Meredith, Kevin Mathieu ( documentation) , SpygirlFriday, Kelic, Kathy, and many many others.

Part 1 - The Setup

Part 2 - Wrastling