Cremaster 1 Characters

Marti Domination
Goodyear is the main character in Cremaster 1. She reclines under the tables onboard the two blimps hovering above the playing field. She plucks grapes from the tabletops and arranges them into patterns that are copied by the chorus girls on the field. At the end of the film, she appears on the field with the chorus girls.
Goodyear Hostesses
The Goodyear Hostesses attend to Goodyear inside the cabins of the two blimps and watch the action on the field. There are a total of eight Hostesses: four in the Green Lounge and four in the Red Lounge. The hostesses' uniforms were designed by Isaac Mizrahi.
Goodyear Chorus Girls
The Goodyear Chorus Girls dance in formation on the blue Astroturf playing field. The patterns they form are determined by the grapes that Goodyear arranges onboard the blimps.