Cremaster 4 Characters

Loughton Candidate
Matthew Barney

The Loughton Candidate is the central character in Cremaster 4. He has four sockets on his head which will eventually grow into two pairs of horns, one ascending and one descending. The two opposing hacks racing around the Isle of Man (also labeled “Ascending” and “Descending” will determine the Loughton Candidate’s dominant gender. Cremaster 4 is the story of the Loughton Candidates journey to meet the two hacks at the finish line.

Loughton Ram
John Stud, Jr.
A species native to the Isle of Man (where Cremaster 4 is set) the Loughton Ram has two pairs of horns, one that rises (like a deer or antilope) and one that grows downwards. These horns represent two states of possibility coexisting equally. The Loughton Ram appears at the finish line of the motorcycle race with blue and yellow ribbons woven in its horns (the colors of the Ascending and Descending Hacks) and its wool dyed red like the hair of the Loughton Candidate.

Ascending and Descending Hacks

The Ascending and Descending Hacks are engaged in a race around the Isle of Man, ostensibly to determine the gender of the Loughton Candidate. The two Hacks are virtually identical, but one (Descending) is outfitted in blue and the other (Ascending) in yellow. They race in opposite directions (one taking the “ascending” path up into the mountains, the other “descending” into the lowlands). During the race, the Ascending team collides with a stone wall and the descending team has one tire replaced with a flesh-colored tire that has testicles hanging from its underside.

Sharon Marvel, Colette Guimond, Christa Bauch

The Faeries assist and mirror the actions of the Loughton Candidate and the Ascending and Descending Hacks. Although the Faeries act in the spheres of all three characters at different times, eacj faerie is paired with one competitor (the Loughton Faerie wears her hair in four buns, the Ascending and Descending Faeries each have two buns placed either atop or at the base of the their heads).