Cremaster 5 Characters

The Queen of Chain
Ursula Andress

The Queen of Chain is the narrator (singing in Hungarian) and principal character in Cremaster 5. In fact, most (or all) or the film is staged in her mind as she recalls the loss of her Magician.

The Queen’s Ushers
Joanne and Susan Rha

The Ushers assist the queen and sing a few lines of the opera. They arrange seven Jacobin pigeons around the Queen's throne and later direct her attention towards her Giant in the baths below her throne.

The Queen’s Diva
Matthew Barney

One of the three characters played by Matthew Barney in Cremaster 5, the Queen’s Diva appears on stage at the beginning of the opera. The Diva lays ribbons out on the stage and then climbs a vine at the edge of the stage. When the magician dives from the Lanchid Bridge, the Diva falls from high above the stage, smashing his head into a viscous pink puddle.

The Queen’s Magician
Matthew Barney

The Queen’s Magician was her lover and the source of her grief. He appears in her memory as he is about to jump from the Lanchid Bridge into the Danube River (while wearing white plastic shackles). The Magician seeks to transcend the limits of mortality, but the Queen misunderstands and thinks that he is trying to kill himself. In many ways, the character of the Magician references Harry Houdini.

The Queen’s Giant
Matthew Barney

The Queen’s Giant wades through the Gellert Baths beneath the Queen’s throne. The Fudor Sprites attach ribbons to his scrotum (the other ends are fastened to the Jacobin pigeons). When the pigeons are released, the Giant's testicles descend into the water of the baths.

The Fudor Sprites

The Fudor Sprites swin underneath a layer of pearls in the Gellert Baths. They assist in the final release of the cremaster muscle by attaching ribbons from the Queen’s Jacobin pigeons to her Giant’s scrotum. At the end of the film, two Fudor Sprites appear in the Danube. They caress the drowned body of the Queen's Magician and place a black pearl in his mouth.