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Rasputina - PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork

Rasputina included the song PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork on their Cabin Fever album -- an imaginary double date betweek Matthew Barney, Bjork, PJ Harvey, and Vincent Gallo. You can visit Rasputina on the web at

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I'm so fucking, fucking, fucking, hot!

I know you are, babe.

No, it's quite hot in here.

Are you stupid?
Is the nature of a glass house.
Oh fabulous, here's Matthew + Bjork.


Vincent, Polly - Good to see you.

I'm so excited!
I've never been on such an artistic and exclusive double date before.
E-erotic, really.
Matthew has brought about in me
He's opened a lot of plebeian activities that I've not experienced before now.
I'm loving it, to do these things that aren't necessarily [ au fait? ]

Yea, Bjork, whatever.
I just wanna know when you two down, who's wearing the clovenhoof strap-on?

Vincent! How rude!
Could I weigh any less?
I'm really quite shy of my weight,
but I like to take on characters for performing with the use of make-up.
Eye make-up and lipstick and some more lipstick -- it's really quite transformative
And when I've thrown up everything I've just eaten then I--

Oh to throw up -- It means what?
Also, everybody, what is the definition of disingenuous?
I want to know so many things
I've got a lot of many for designer clothes
I can just trudge through the desert getting my [ comp de garçon? ] skirt all dirty and dusty
It don't matter
If hopping into a live volcano feels right, I say do it.

I say, cappuccinos are fine with me on the downtime, but do you kids say to a picnic?
I've got the basket and the bent waiting
We could play some touch football, what do you say?

Hey, yea, Matthew, we're both hot former football players
I know Bjork can fight like a motherfucker, but Polly would snap like a twig at the smallest tackle
let's put her on a hook and do some minnow fishing
Oh look, she's banging her head against the wall and Bjork's recording it

The rhythm! It moves my insides like sunshine jelly!

Isn't she [ an adorable / a darling ] thing?

When she says 'jelly' it makes me think of someone's ass, and then I think--

How dare you, sir! That's my childwoman you're speaking of!

Matthew, I didn't say Bjork
I'm just thinking of any ass
Not even necessarily a woman, it could be my own ass
Like my ass is--

Vincent you are an ass!
You are an ass!

What about my ass?
It's hard from sports

This repulsive celebrity double date has been brought to you by the Church of Latter Day Saints