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Matthew Barney has created a limited edition artwork on the occaision of the exhibtion all the present must be transformed: Matthew Barney und Joseph Beuys at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin (through January 12). The edition, titled "From Mud, A Blade" is derived from his film De Lama Lamina. Rare Brazillian rosewood is backed with white polyethelene to create a cover for a set of ten postcards of images from De Lama Lamina. The 30 signed copies (priced at 400 euros) are sold out, but a few of the 70 unsigned copies are still available for 59 euros. The perfect Christmas gift for the cremaster fanatic on your list. Email for more information on purchasing. The SFMOMA Shop also has lots of great Matthew Barney / Drawing Restraint merchandise available, much of it on sale now that the exhibition has closed.


The Art Newspaper's special Art Basel/Miami Beach Daily Edition reports that Matthew Barney is sailing from Gibralter to Barbados. Navigating alongside him is curator Neville Wakefield, who compiled the Destricted art/porn compilation (which features Barney's Hoist).


Matthew Barney is included on the list of artists whose work will be included in this year's Art Basel Miami Beach from December 6 - 10 in Miami, Florida. The Independent Curatorial Access Society of Miami is also sponsoring a screening of the Matthew Barney documentary No Restraint at the Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road, on Saturday, December 9. The screening is by invitation only, but you can contact to be placed on the list. No Restraint will receive it's theatrical premier at the IFC Film Center in New York on December 20.


Tina Takemoto and Jennifer Parker will be screening their Drawing Complaint video (shot during the opening of Barney's Drawing Restraint show at SFMOMA) as part of a multi-media exhibition exploring identity through wearable art and costumery at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. The show will be on view from December 1 - 18, with an opening reception from 7 - 10 on December 1.


A German Cremaster Fanatic sent me a link to his Tar Art Rat blog, where he has posted a transcript of a Q&A session with Matthew Barney (plus a few video clips) after a screening of De Lama Lamina at the Babylon Theater in Berlin on October 25.

There are some other video interviews with Matthew Barney that have recently been posted to YouTube here and here. YouTube also currently has some excerpts from the Cremaster 3 and Cremaster 5 online -- I'm assuming these will eventually be taken down, so check them out while you can.


Destricted - a collection of erotic short films by contemporary artists that includes Matthew Barney's 14 1/2 minute video Hoist - has been released on DVD in the UK. From the Destricted web site:

Hoist was shot in Bahia, Salvador as one facet of a longer film titled DE LAMA LMINA. 'Hoist' is the literal underbelly of that project: a non- site through which the history, ritual, mythology and deities invoked in DE LAMA LMINA have been refracted and processed. it is a film about the meeting of chthonic libidinal energy and the destructive forces of technology.

Hoist describes the encounter between the two central characters of the film; the so-called ‘Green Man’ and a fifty-ton deforestation Caterpillar truck under which he is suspended. Following the three acts of traditional film narrative, it is structured according to the three phases of description, situation and condition.

While the initial two phases relate to the definition of Hoist as an "an apparatus or method for lifting a load and shifting it laterally by an elevating means applied through a support from which a flexible member freely suspends a load engager," the third or final condition of the film suggests the imperfect consummation of the human and the mechanistic.

IFC Films owns the North American distribution rights for Destricted, there is no word on if/when the DVD will be released in the US. Other filmmakers featured on the DVD include Larry Clark, Marina Abromovic, and Richard Prince. You can watch a trailer for the film here.

There will be an exhibition of the Destricted videos from October 27 - November 11 at Galerie Kamel Mennour, 60 Rue Mazarine, Paris, France.


The Matthew Barney Show is now closed. The show got a great review on and there are some photos of the opening (including a couple of me being interviewed for a soon-to-be-released video podcast) on


The Matthew Barney Show at boca has been extended. They weren't sure exactly when they need to take down the exhibition to prepare for their next show, but it should be up through September 23, or so.


This is a somewhat belated post (sorry, but I took the week before Labor Day off for vacation) but Matthew Barney was featured on the cover of last week's New York Times Book Review. The cover illustration (for the review of Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children) features a poster of Barney from Cremaster 4 with the slogan "Genius! Fraud?" Although the poster is partially obscured by the Book Review title, the image is reproduced inside without the overlay.


I've added some more photographs of Barney's exhibition at SFMOMA to the Exhibition Photographs section of The exhibition opens with a room of video monitors showing Drawing Restraints 1 - 6 (some of Barney's earliest work, begun while still a student at Yale) and the newer but similar Drawing Restraints 10 - 13, which were all completed within the last year. There are also some drawings and vitrines showing related materials. The most surprising of these videos is Drawing Restraint 13, which features Barney dressed as General MacArthur and Barney's New York dealer Barbara Gladstone in a supporting role as The American Delegate. The video was shot in Gladstone's gallery during Barney's Occidental Guest exhibition last spring. In the video, Barney signs a number of drawings (which were later hung in the exhibition) with an electric engraving pen and stamps them with a field emblem-shaped brand that has been heated over a bunsen burner. Gladstone then affixes a label to the back of each drawing and passes it to the Japanese Delegate to be signed. In the background, a number of actors dressed as American soldiers watch the proceedings. Visitors to the exhibition at Gladstone Gallery may remember white plastic replicas of the engraving pen, stamp, and bunsen burner. Also of interest to New Yorkers are the glimpses of present-day 24th Street that can be seen throughout the video, which was shot with the gallery's large garage-style doors open.

Next the viewer progresses through a large gallery displaying Drawing Restraint 8 (a series of moldering drawings in vitrines) and a replica of The Field from Drawing Restraint 9, as well as photographs and monitors showing excerpts from DR9. The central bar has been excised from The Field (as in the film) and both have collapsed into a state of entropy.

The next section of the exhibition contains white plastic replicas of the tea ceremony room and whale hoist / torii from DR9, both of which were shown in the Gladstone Gallery exhibition. Around the corner are copies of the flensing decks and ambergris log from DR9, both of which are fashioned using both "realistic" materials and white plastic.

In the center of this large room the museum has constructed a smaller gallery showing a 3-monitor installation of Drawing Restraint 7 (in which satyrs wrestle in the back of a limosine driving through the bridges and tunnels of New York City) and related photographs and sculpture.

There is also a small room off of the final large gallery holding some drawings from DR9 and a thermoplastic sculpture of a harpoon resting on top of some film canisters (also all shown at Gladstone Gallery).

In the stairwell between the 4th and 5th floors is Drawing Restraint 14, a piece created specifically for the SFMOMA. As with the previous Drawing Restraint exhibitions in Japan and Korea, Barney created a site-specific drawing while being hindered by a restraint, in this case a climbing harness that suspended him above the stairwell. The video documentation (shown on the 4th floor, below the rest of the exhibition) shows that Barney made the drawing while dressed as General MacArthur (in DR 11 and 12 and the earlier DR 1 - 6 he wore street clothes while performing his athletic drawings). A white plastic version of the corncob pipe Barney/MacArthur holds in his teeth in the video rests beneath the drawing.

If you can't make it to the exhibition but would like more information on the Drawing Restraint series, the museum has produced an audio tour you can download to your computer or access by telephone at (408) 794-2844. There is no charge for the telephone audio tour other than long-distance or cell phone charges. The museum is also selling all three Drawing Restraint catalogs and other related merchandise through their online shop.


I've posted some photographs from The Matthew Barney Show at boca. The exhibition looks great (if I do say so, myself) with even more Barney inspired artwork than the first exhibition. I also had a chance to visit Barney's Drawing Restraint show at SFMOMA and will post some photographs and info from the exhibition after I get over my jet lag.

SFMOMA and boca are only two blocks apart, and if you're going to visit both exhibitions in the same afternoon I suggest stopping at Beard Papa on Mission Street in between. Not only are the cream puffs delicious, but there's a widescreen monitor showing Japanese chefs working in the bakery that reminded me of the kitchen sequences in Drawing Restraint 9 (although there's no whale blubber involved). The fact that the video was shot in the same location where you're eating your cream puff also seems Barney-esque.


The Matthew Barney Show got a nice blurb on today. "Matthew Barney walks into a bar and..." Read More


The July issue of Wired Magazine has a photograph of Matthew Barney dressed as General MacArthur walking through the petroleum jelly core of his Drawing Restraint 13 sculpture at Gladstone Gallery last April. This is apparently a still from the Drawing Restraint 13 video. The magazine reports that, "In Drawing Restraint 13, Matthew Barney, as General MacArthur, wades ashore through an unsolidified petroleum jelly sculpture to sign his own drawings as though they were peace treaties."

The SFMOMA has an online shop featuring all three Drawing Restraint catalogs and other related merchandise. Now if you can't make it to San Francisco, you can still get the T-shirt.


The opening date of The Matthew Barney Show in San Francisco has been moved up to Wednesday, August 9. The exhibition will be held at boca - 414 Jessie Street (off 5th near Mission). The show has been expanded to include even more Matthew Barney inspired artwork than in it's previous stop in New York. There will be an opening reception from 6 til late on August 9 -- I hope to see all you West Coast Cremaster Fanatics there!

The Art Newspaper reports that 3,000 fans attended the opening of Barney's Drawing Restraint exhibition at the SFMOMA, noting that, "Matthew Barney is the closest thing the art world has to a Hollywood star, and the preview of his new Drawing Restraint show at SFMOMA was more like a blockbuster premiere than an exhibition opening .... indie rock stars, art world scenesters, and big name curators and dealers attended the exhibition VIP dinner including harp virtuoso Joanna Newsome, Richard Flood, chief curator of the New Museum in New York, and Barney's dealer Barbara Gladstone."

The same issue notes that although Barney is straight, he has been included in an exhibition called The Name of this Show is Not: Gay Art Now at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York this summer, "for his willingness to 'go there' and unsurprisingly because he is cute."


The KVIFF International Film Festival in the Czech Republic includes a Matthew Barney retrospective. The schedule is: Drawing Restraint 9 on June 30 and July 8; Cremaster 1 & 2 on July 1 and 5; Cremaster 3 on July 2 and 6, and Cremaster 4 & 5 on July 3 and 8.

Also, an alert Cremaster Fanatic directed me to the Celluloid Dreams web site. If you click on the "Catalog" link and then on the link to Drawing Restraint 9, there is some good information about the film and links to the trailer, downloads, etc.


I found some more photos of the exhibition at SFMOMA (including one of the menu for the dinner held in Barney's honor and a couple of Barney and Bjork DJing at an SF nightclub).

There's a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the creation of one sculpture in the exhibition. Much like the opening scene of Drawing Restraint 9, a tanker truck carried 1600 gallons of liquid petroleum jelly to the museum.

But a series of unexpected delays and mishaps stalled the jelly pour for two days, adding a little more drama to the undertaking.

First, the jelly couldn't be pumped because it had hardened in the truck tank, which has a thermos-like inner jacket that was supposed to keep the goop at around 180 degrees. It didn't. The pour was pushed back a day and a half while McKinney drove to HTI Tank Wash in Oakland, where steam was blown into the tank for hours to cook the jelly.


After much preparation and anticipation, the yellowish goo began to sputter into the mold. Then, it suddenly stopped. Pressure from the truck pump had blown out the hose, spewing warm petroleum jelly onto the sidewalk below. A splotch landed Jackson Pollock-like onto the pants of a museum intern Katie Morgan, who joked about asking Barney to sign it.

Matthew Barney will also be showing a new sculpture in the exhibition Into Me / Out of Me at PS1 in New York this summer.


Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint exhibition opened at SFMOMA yesterday. The museum's home page states the exhibition closes August 13, but all other pages on the site state the show is open through September 17 (which I believe is the correct closing date). So far, I've only found this photo of the exhibition -- if you have any pics please email them to me.

SFMOMA has a nice interactive web feature for the show, with lots of short video clips of Barney discussing his work. There is also a downloadable podcast about the exhibition (if you show an mp3 player loaded with the podcast at the ticket counter you can save $2 off admission) and a section where viewers can post their own responses to the exhibtion (although comments are limited to 50 characters, so there's not much depth).

Drawing Restraint 9 is showing every day (except Wednesday) at 2:00 in the Phyllis Wattis Theater at SFMOMA. Visit the SFMOMA Drawing Restraint Exhibition Page for info on other related screenings and lectures.


The Matthew Barney Show is traveling to San Francisco. The exhibition opens at boca - 414 Jessie Street (off 5th near Mission) - on August 11 9. Boca is located around the corner from the SFMOMA, where Barney's Drawing Restraint exhibition will be on view from June 23 to September 17, so all you West Coast Cremaster Fanatics can get a double shot of Matthew Barney this summer. Click Here to see images of the first Matthew Barney Show at Jack the Pelican in New York.


An interview I did for the IFC Films web site about The Matthew Barney Show has been posted online (a little late since the show is now closed, but I'm hoping to bring it to San Francisco this summer). Click Here and then click on the "Matthew Barney's Fanatic" link to read the article.

A video interview with Bjork (including lots of footage from Drawing Restraint 9) has been posted on It appears to be from French MTV, and Bjork's voice has been dubbed into French.


This post is somewhat belated, but I found some photos from a collaboration between Matthew Barney and Icelandic artist Gabríela Frioriksdóttir. The exhibition, called Operazione Oesophagus / Hoist, was held at the Akureyri Art Museum in Iceland in 2005. The photographs are by but clearly show parallels with Barney's Hoist and De Lama Lamina.


Destricted, a compilation of erotic shorts by contemporary artists including Matthew Barney's Hoist is playing tonight and Wednesday, May 17 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The BAM web site states, "In Matthew Barney’s Hoist, human and machine become one as a man suspended under a 50-ton truck makes love with the greased-up, rotating driveshaft." Destricted also features shorts directed by Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Wood, Marina Abramovic, Marco Brambilla, and Larry Clark.


Cremaster Fanatic Heidi emailed me this photo of Matthew Barney on the cover of the J. Crew catalog. I've been hunting for photos of Barney from his days as a model for a long time. If anyone has more catalog photos, please send them to


Peter Streitman, Director of Photography for many of Barney's films, was kind enough to email me a Drawing Restraint 9 Glossary he delivered at a lecture at Camera Image in Poland. The text includes some very interesting insights into the symbolism of DR9.


The Matthew Barney Show received a nice review in this week's New Yorker. The New Yorker's chief art critic, Peter Schjeldahl, apparently didn't like Barney's show at Gladstone Gallery but enjoyed our exhibition. "A show of gigantic sculptures at Gladstone, adapting elements of the film [Drawing Restraint 9] is numbingly hermetic and toneless. So it's pleasant to report that Barney's celebrity, at least, proves fecund, in The Matthew Barney Show at a Brooklyn gallery called Jack the Pelican." Click here to read the full review.

04/23/06 is creating an installation of Matthew Barney related photographs and artwork (plus you can check out the new Cremaster Fanatic fanzine) at the confusion, say exhibition in Chicago next weekend. confusion, say will be held at the Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan, from 12 - 8 (with an evening soiree from 8 - 11) on Saturday, April 29.


Cremaster fanatics have asked me to post information about the following upcoming screenings of films from the Cremaster Cycle:

Starting today (and running through May 3), the Filmmuseum in Amsterdam is presenting a Cremaster Cycle marathon including all five films and some documentary and related features. Click here for more information on screening times and dates.

The Cinestudio in Hartford, CT will be showing Cremaster 4 and 5 for one night only, on Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30. The fan who sent me information on the screening says that if there is a good turnout the theater owner will be likely to schedule more Matthew Barney films, so anyone in the area should try to attend.


Artnet has the skinny on Drawing Restraint 13:

"A sculpture incorporating a metal platform and a wedge of congealed petroleum jelly [is] the remains of Drawing Restraint 13: The Instrument of Surrender, a filmed performance executed behind closed doors on Sunday, Apr. 2, during which Barney emerged from a crate atop the platform dressed as General Douglas MacArthur, fell into the jelly and then proceeded to sign several of his works with the aid of two actors (the film of DR13 will be released at the upcoming "Drawing Restraint" overview at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art"

The same article quotes New Museum curator Richard Flood from the upcoming documentary Matthew Barney: No Restraint relating Barney's difficulties as an attractive artist in his early years, "The fact that he was a model was being used against him."


The Matthew Barney Show has been extended one week. It will now run through April 30.


I went to the opening for Matthew Barney's new exhibition The Occidental Guest at Gladstone Gallery last night. I got there early so I could take some pictures before the opening got too crowded. It was a good thing I arrived early, because soon there was a line down the block to get into the gallery.

It appeared that Barney had performed Drawing Restraint 13 in the afternoon prior to the opening (I'm judging this by the footprints in the Vaseline core of a sculpture called Drawing Restraint 13 at the entrance to the gallery and because there was a crew packing up some film equipment). I overheard someone at the gallery desk saying, "We won't be showing the video here, it will be in the exhibition in San Francisco." Barney was not present in the gallery while I was there (although I left on the early side) - I heard someone from the gallery say, "He's hiding out upstairs." I don't know if he came down later, but I heard that Bjork was not planning to attend the opening. Although I spotted numerous art world luminaries, I was disappointed not to see any celebrities from outside of the art world.

The sculptures in the exhibition are white plastic replicas of props and sets from Drawing Restraint 9 (the plastic is reminiscent of some of the props in the film, like the bowl the Guests drink from during the tea ceremony). The sculptures are beautifully crafted but would probably have been a complete mystery if I hadn't seen the movie -- I wonder what all the people waiting in line thought once they got into the gallery (it was very quiet while I was inside). There are also a number of drawings based on DR9 executed in graphite, petroleum jelly, and/or iodine. Many of the drawings are more sexually explicit than I was expecting (some reminded me of Hans Bellmer's erotic drawings).

In many ways, I enjoyed the Storyboards exhibition at John McWhinnie@Glenn Horowitz more than the show at Gladstone. It is less dramatic but sheds more light on the iconography and symbolism of DR9. My suggestion is to first read some background on DR9 (see my post from March 24 for links), then watch the film, then see the exhibtions at Gladstone and John McWhinnie (and don't forget to visit CremasterFanatic's Matthew Barney Show at Jack the Pelican).


I have posted the answers to's Matthew Barney Trivia Contest. Thanks to everyone who entered. We had many entries with more that 18 (out of 20) correct answers. However, prizes were awarded to the first entrants with all 20 correct responses. All prize winners have been contacted by email, so if you haven't heard from us you did not receive a prize.

I also found a treasure trove of photographs of Matthew Barney and Bjork on, which they have been kind enough to allow me to include on


I attended the opening for the Drawing Restraint 9 Storyboards exhibition at John McWhinnie@Glenn Horowitz Bookseller (50 1/2 East 64th St, NYC) last night. It's a wonderful exhibition of photographs, drawings, and research materials for Drawing Restraint 9. similar to the materials reproduced in the Cremaster Cycle book. I've posted some photos online and highly recommend the exhibition to anyone looking for more information on the symbolism found in DR9. In addition to the material from DR9, the shop has copies of the new Drawing Restraint books and out of print Cremaster books available.

I spoke briefly with Matthew and tried to convince him to vist The Matthew Barney Show at Jack the Pelican. He was nice but non-commital -- I'm sure he's tired from installing the show at Gladstone (which opens tomorrow from 5:30 - 7:30).

According to the IndieWIRE Box Office Table, Drawing Restraint 9 was the second-highest grossing indie film (per screen) last weekend, racking up just over $18,000 at the IFC Film Center. IFC's vice president of distribution Mark Boxer said, "Matthew Barney and Bjork have a built-in audience of extremely dedicated fans that have made the opening of the film feel like a special event. Lines were down the block as 'Restraint' sold out shows from its opening Wednesday through Sunday. There was an even mix between men and women, and the age range was predominantly younger than 35." has a page with lots of links to press and reviews of DR9. They also played an April Fools Day prank claiming that they would be streaming the complete DR9 through their web site.


Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening of The Matthew Barney Show on Saturday. I have posted some pictures from the opening and some photographs of the show taken when it was less crowded.

We got some nice blurbs about the show posted on (scroll down to the middle of the page) and in the weekly flavorpill email and have been named a "Top Art Pick" on ArtCal. The Matthew Barney Show runs though April 23, so if you missed the opening you still have plenty of time to see the show.

Our Matthew Barney Trivia Contest is now closed. I'm checking the answers and will contact the winners shortly.


The next two weeks are jam packed with events for Matthew Barney fans in New York City:

Drawing Restraint 9 opens tomorrow at the IFC Film Center - buy opening day tickets here. Matthew Barney will be appearing in person at the 6:40 and 9:30 shows on Wednesday, March 29.

On Saturday, April 1,'s own exhibition The Matthew Barney Show opens at Jack the Pelican in Brooklyn from 7 - 9 PM. We'll be giving away Matthew Barney buttons designed by Patrick Welch to the first 100 visitors and raffling off a signed DR9 poster and copies of Bjork's DR9 soundtrack CD. The exhibtion runs through April 23.

On April 4, an exhibition of Barney's DR9 storyboards opens at John McWhinnie@Glenn Horowitz Bookseller (50 1/2 East 64th St, NYC) through May 4.

And, finally, on April 7, Matthew Barney's exhibition of drawings and thermoplastic sculptures The Occidental Guest opens at Gladstone Gallery througn May 13.


I will be appearing on Andrew Andrew'Sound Sound this Tuesday, March 28, to discuss The Matthew Barney Show. You can listen live from 4 - 6 PM (NYC Time) on East Village Radio or listen to the archive of the program here.

One of our contributors, Erik Tlaseca aka Ikun (who drew the cover illustration for the first issue of Cremaster Fanatic) has helped design a lovely new web site dedicated to Drawing Restraint 9. The site is in French (and includes a French Drawing Restraint forum) but even if you don't speak French it has a lot to offer including DR9 wallpaper for your computer and a bunch of DR9 stills.


I attended a preview of Drawing Restraint 9 last night. I'll leave reviews to more qualified critics, but I'd say that if you like the Cremaster films (particularly Cremaster 2 and Cremaster 3) you'll probably like DR9, and if you don't, you probably won't enjoy it (but if you don't like Matthew Barney, why are you visiting this web site?). As with other Barney films, it is beautiful but the pacing is very slow. There is some graphic violence (dismemberment and cannibalism) and nude scenes featuring Bjork and Matthew Barney (Barney shows the camera "the full Monty"). I don't know much about Shinto wedding customs or Japanese whaling traditions, so some of the film went over my head. I strongly suggest reading about the film before you see it (try here, here, here, or download the press kit) or you may have trouble understanding the plot and symbolism.

More information about the US theatrical release of Drawing Restraint 9 is now available. Click here to find a theater near you.


Issue 1 of Cremaster Fanatic - the Matthew Barney fanzine is now available for $5 postpaid. The fanzine is being published in conjunction with The Matthew Barney Show at Jack the Pelican from April 1 - 23. It contains an essay about Drawing Restraint 9, artwork, poetry, fiction, and Matthew Barney paper dolls. You can buy a copy at Jack the Pelican or by paypal to (be sure to include your address).


The official Drawing Restraint web site is finally up and running. Most of the information is in the "Path" section which is a little difficult to find - the link is in the middle of the field emblem on the right hand side of the main screen.

IFC Films has announced additional US Venues for Drawing Restraint 9. The film will open on March 29 at the IFC Center in New York; April 7 at the Century Centre in Chicago and Cinema Arts in Huntington, NY; and on April 21 at Nuart in Los Angeles.


Trailers have been posted online for Drawing Restraint 9 and Matthew Barney: No Restraint, a documentary about the making of DR9 directed by Alison Chernick. I also found some more stills from DR9.

03/18/05 is holding our first contest! Grand prize is an autographed Drawing Restraint 9 poster. Runners up will receive a DR9 soundtrack CD (thanks to IFC Films and Mammoth Advertising for providing the prizes). Click Here for more information. Entries are due by April 1, 2006.


I received a lovely high-resolution image of the poster for the US release of Drawing Restraint 9 and a pdf of the press guide for DR9, which has some nice photos from the film.


Prior to it's general release at the IFC Film Center on March 29, Drawing Restraint 9 will premier at MoMA and the Japan Society on March 28.

Barbara Gladstone Gallery has issued a press release about Barney's upcoming show (April 7 - May 13) The Occidental Guest. "The drawings and sculptures featured in this exhibition focus on the relationship between the Japanese Hosts and the titular Occidental Guests, the male and female protagonists whose subsequent transformation powers the film’s action. From the guests’ partaking in a tea ceremony to the historical backdrop of General MacArthur’s lifting of the whaling moratorium, Barney figures the social, historical, and formal aspects of the host/guest dynamic as a method of physical and psychological restraint. To this effect, Barney creates sculptures recalling the architecture of the vessel and the physical transformations that take place. Large-scale thermoplastic sculptures echo the host/guest relationship, while functioning as a facility for unrestrained organic overflow. Relating this discourse in a series of graphite and mixed media drawings, Barney captures the film’s symbology in eroticized images that chart the effects of physical limitation and libidinal release. The site-specific performance Drawing Restraint 13 acts as a formal and thematic coda for the exhibition."

In addition to the show at Gladstone, New Yorkers can check out an exhibition of Barney's DR9 storyboards at John McWhinnie@Glenn Horowitz Bookseller (50 1/2 East 64th St, NYC) from April 4 - May 4. The exhibition includes, "source material Barney used as he began work on Drawing Restraint 9, along with storyboards and drawings he made as he developed the visual idiom of the film.  In this group of work Barney is working out his ideas at a conceptual level. The works exhibited here reveal his vision at its most stripped down and austere, without the complexities that gradually accrue to his projects as they take on their final form. The storyboards and drawings demonstrate Barney's ability to communicate technical details quickly in a sketch and to convey emotional content with a few well-chosen lines. As few of Barney's drawings, and none of his storyboards, have previously been exhibited in the United States, this show, which so clearly indicates Barney's facility as a draftsman, will come as a revelation to many." There is a reception for the exhibition from 6 - 8 PM on April 4.

And, of course, don't forget's Matthew Barney Show at Jack the Pelican Presents (487 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) from April 1 - 23, with an opening reception from 7-9 on Saturday, April 1.


Lots of information about Drawing Restraint 9 is popping up on the web. Check out the English web site of the Leeum Samsung Museum in South Korea (the most recent stop for the touring Drawing Restraint exhibition), these two Japanese sites (with lots of photos, if you don't know Japanese), an interview with Bjork about making the DR9 soundtrack, a couple of new DR9 animations, photos, and video stills, and the DR9 forum on for tons of links to reviews, interviews, photos, and more.


I've tracked down a bunch more photos from Drawing Restraint 9 and some images from the Drawing Restraint Vol 2 book that was released in conjunction with Barney's Drawing Restraint exhibition in Japan.

The US debut of Drawing Restraint 9 will be held at the IFC Film Center in New York City. The film will open on March 29, with regional distribution to follow.

Click Here for a free Matthew Barney poster download (pdf format).


Matthew Barney's video De Lama Lamina is included on a new DVD called Destricted. Besides Barney's video, the DVD features erotic shorts by contemporary artists Marina Abromovic, Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noe, Richard Prince, and Sam Taylor-Wood. In addition to the DVD release, Destricted is an official selection for the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and will be screened in selected art-house cinemas.


I found a photograph of the limited edition Drawing Restraint 9 T-shirts sold at agnes b boutiques in Japan to celebrate Matthew Barney's exhibition in Kanazawa.

I also found some photographs of an amazing Entered Apprentice Halloween Costume on flickr. In other flickr/Barney news, Bjork Zine now has a flickr gallery dedicated to DR9.


In anticipation of Matthew Barney's new show at Barbara Gladstone Gallery (opening April 7), is holding an exhibition of Matthew Barney inspired art, video, and music at Jack the Pelican Presents, 487 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. The Matthew Barney Show will run from April 1 - 23, with an opening reception from 7-9 on Saturday, April 1.


Site update: lots of new material for the new year, including photographs of Matthew Barney's 2002 exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris courtesy of Swiss photographer Markus Frei, prints of Matthew Barney and Aimee Mullins by Plasticgod, and the Cremassticparkinator 3 video.


Fabrizio, a collector from Italy, submitted some photographs from Drawing Restraint 9 and some better quality images of several photographs from De Lama Lamina previously published on, and an installation view of the Drawing Restraint exhibition at the 21st Century Museum, Kanazawa, Japan.