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A Walk in the Park - Peter

It was a rainy fall afternoon in New York.

Matthew Barney had just left a coffee shop in Chelsea and was heading over meet with his people at Gladstone. He was wearing sweats, faded blue, tight pants, and a grey hoody. He felt real anonymous. He saw a cute guy black coming out of a gallery and they briefly made eye contact. He felt a tingle in his loins. The guy blanked him out. “Fucking fag” he thought to himself, and strided on.

He turned onto 24th street, and crossed the road. He saw another cute guy across the street, bending down and fixing his shoe lace. “Is it?” he thought... “Fuck!”

“Jeff you dick!” he yelled at the top of his voice. The man turned, looking offended. He was clean cut, he could have been in his mid /late30s. His angry face melted when he realized who was shouting at him.

“Barney, is that you?” he erupted. “It is... you fucking dick! How are those balls of yours hanging!”

The two embraced. They had hung out before, but it had been months since they’d been together.

“Still making those funny videos, Barney?”

“Still fucking your wife’s ass, Jeff?” retorted Matthew.

The two erupted in laughter.

“Where you goin’, Barney?”

“Gladstones, but fuck that shit, let’s get a bite to eat. You up for it?”

“Hell yeah!”

They found a coffee shop full of Pakistani taxi drivers, and over coffee and eggs, they chatted and reminisced about the art world and their careers.

“You happy, Jeff?” asked Barney.

“Hell yeah” Jeff replied. “I get to fuck my beautiful wife, and I get paid millions of dollars for it. yeah I’m happy.”

The two laughed.

“I guess we can’t complain” Barney offered. Secretly though he was upset. He was so envious of Ilona. Every time he looked at those photos (and he’d spent MANY hours in Jeff’s gallery and at the Whitney in the early nineties gazing at Jeff’s dick), he had longed to play Cicciolina’s role.

“We both make millions and get to play with our dicks!” Barney continued, but then he stopped and looked down. A sad expression had crept across his face.

“Matthew what’s wrong?” whispered Jeff. “Talk to me... why so sad big guy!”

“Jeff... Jeff, I can’t NOT say this... please please please don’t be offended. You’re so cute, and you’re so hot, and you’re so smart. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, lately.”

“I understand. Let’s go”

Before Matthew knew what was happening they were in a cab, and heading for Central Park. Jeff’s hand searched across the seat, and found Matthew’s. Very gently and tenderly, Jeff let his fingers fuse with Matthew’s. And there they were. In a cab holding hands, not speaking, but letting their hands communicate.

It had stopped raining when they exited the cab. Jeff paid the driver, and the two walked past the Guggenheim and into the leafy, lush confines of the Park.

“Trust me Matthew, I know what I’m doing...”

“Take me where ever you want to go. Please...” Matthew sobbed. Somehow a powerful man had become weak. His trembling hand being led by this slick, dark haired young man.

Jeff lead him to some bushes behind the boathouse.

“I used to watch ‘coons play on that rock” said Matthew. “They live under the deck”.

With great grace, Jeff hopped over the fence, and scurried into the trees. “I guess you’re the ‘coon Jeff!” shouted Matthew, with a sly grin. He’d enjoyed his own accidental pun.

“Well I can be an animal!” Jeff glibly replied.

Soon the two were embracing. Matthew felt Jeff’s manly stubble work around his ears and neck until the two were locked in a passionate French kiss. Their tongues became one.

“Oh, Jeff, I feel like I’m melting into you. How I’ve longed for this day.”

“Ilana and me is just a game, don’t you realize? It’s you I love, it always has been”

“You serious?” Matthew stumbled.

Jeff’s hand was working its way down Matthew’s manly chest. Down past the hoody, up under the T shirt, and then it wandered across Matthew’s bare chest.

“Please... Please take me, Jeff. Take me now!”

With this Matthew maneuvered himself onto all fours, and deftly dropped his sweat pants. He presented his magnificent and muscular ass to Jeff.

“Fuck me, you fucker. Fuck me now!”

As he said this Jeff had scooped his ample dick out of his pants, and without so much as a word, he thrust it into Matthew’s tight ass hole. He spit down to lubricate his member, and thrust it deep. At first he presented gentle strokes, but as Matthew’s pleasure increased and he let out yelps of joy, Jeff increased the pace, and the ferocity of his assault.

“Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me like the PIG I am!” Matthew screamed.

“Shut up Bitch!” whispered Jeff, and stuck his index finger in Barney’s mouth.

“Suck this!”

Jeff rode him hard, and Matthew let out increasingly passionate moans, as he pleasured himself with his hand.

“I’m gonna come, you little Bitch” screamed Koons. “AAAAAAAAAARGH!”

He pulled his huge dick out of Barney’s ass and spayed his seed all over Matthew’s muscular back. Deftly, he flipped Barney over and closed his lips around Barney’s pulsating member. Koons could suck! thought Barney.

Within seconds, Matthew exploded in Jeff’s mouth.

“MMMmmmmmm” moaned Koons.

“Who’s in there!” came a voice from the side of the boat house. “NYPD! Who’s in there - what ya doin'!.

“Fuck!” screamed Jeff, “The fuckin’ cops! We gotta get out of here.”

The voice was below them, so they scampered with all their strength up the hill, powering through the undergrowth. The voice grew more distant, as they emerged onto a grassy area.

“Thank god we’re both strong!” laughed Jeff.

And now they were just two friend walking in the park.

Matthew turned lovingly to Jeff.

“That was real nice.”

He gently raised his hand to Jeff’s face, and wiped a gleaming spot of his own come onto his finger.

Without a word Matthew popped the finger into his own mouth, sucked it clean, turned, winked and walked off across the park.

Jeff went east.

Matthew went west.

They knew they would meet again. Didn’t know when. Didn’t know where.

But they just KNEW they’d meet again.

The end

[copyright "peter" 2005]