Drawing Restraint Books

Matthew Barney has released a number of books related to the Drawing Restraint series. The book for Drawing Restraint 7 was released first, in 1996. Volumes I-V were released from 2005-2008, following the theatrical release of Drawing Restraint 9 and Barney's travelling Drawing Restraint exhibition.

Volume I, edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist (plastic cover, 96 pages, Walther König, 2005) addresses Drawing Restraint 1 through 8 and includes text by Francis McKee and an interview of Barney by Obrist.
Volume II (plastic cover, 163 pages, Uplink, 2005) focuses on Drawing Restraint 9, 10, and 11 and includes texts by Yuko Hasegawa, curator at Museum for the 21st Century in Kanazawa; Luc Steele, a scientist specializing in artificial intelligence; and Shinichi Nakazawa, a notable theologist and folklorist.
Volume III (plastic cover, 220 pages, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, 2005) looks at sculptures from the entire series as well as early works that preface Drawing Restraint and includes texts by Soyeon Ahn and Neville Wakefield.
Volume IV (hardcover, 74 pages, JMc & GHB, 2007) includes drawings related to Drawing Restraint 9. The book also contains the first published images from Drawing Restraint 13, which Barney filmed at Gladstone Gallery in the spring of 2006. Facsimiles of drawings and letters are printed in letterpress on Japanese paper and accompanied by lush duotone plates. The volume is case bound and was issued in an edition of 1000 copies.
Volume V (paperback, 233 pages, Walther Konig, 2008) features an essay by Neville Wakefield and autonomous sketches, drawings, sculptures and photographs. It offers an assessment of the project's fusion of sculpture, architecture, music, computer-generated effects and prosthetics that draws from mythology, history, sports and biology to explore the interplay between polymorphous desire and applied order.
Drawing Restraint 7 (paperback, 76 pages, Cantz, 1996) - shown below with the original silk ribbon - was released before the other Drawing Restraint books and includes photographs relating to the film Drawing Restraint 7.