Miscellaneous Matthew Barney Ephemera

Arto Lindsay - Prize CD

Arto Lindsay is a longtime friend of Matthew Barney. The cover of his Prize CD has a photograph of Barney's sculpture Lanchid: The Lament of the Queen of Chain.

New Yorker Cartoon by Roz Chast

In My Stairwell - Mark Seliger
Mark Seliger's book of photography In My Stairwell features a lengthy interview with Matthew Barney, as well as a number of photographs (including this one of Barney in half-satyr makeup, which graces the cover).
Cremaster 3 Pumpkin
Cremaster Graffiti

Matthew Barney Tattoo Flash (artist unknown)

Drawing Restraint 9 Cake

Cake by Sansalone Bakery, Austin, TX

Drawing Restraint 9 Lantern from Kanazawa, Japan

Promotional Plan for Bjork's Drawing Restraint 9 Album

Cremaster 3 and 4 Wax Figures from the Guggenheim

Menu from Dinner in Barney's Honor at SFMOMA Drawing Restraint Exhibtion

Art:pack Playing Cards featuring Queen of Diamonds by Matthew Barney


Cremaster Cycle Postcards (Guggenheim Museum)

Drawing Restraint 9 Postcards (Japanese)


Below: Il Tempo del Postino (Postman's Time) - Live Performance Featuring Barney's Guardian of the Veil

Theater Marquees

Bootleg Cremaster Cycle DVDs (Found on Ebay)

Matthew Barney-Designed Bathroom in Chicago

Premier Lit Bed Designed for Matthew Barney and Bjork by Kapow Design

Matthew Barney in Advertisement for artnet.com

Doorbell at Matthew Barney's Manhattan Studio

Matthew Barney's Long Island City Studio

Flyer and Photos from Black Metal Concert & Pig Roast at Matthew Barney's LIC Studio


Educators' Guide to the Guggenheim Museum Cremaster Exhibition

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Press Guide for Drawing Restraint 9

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Matthew Barney Poster from Utopia Station at the 2003 Venice Biennale

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