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Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler (the composer of the music for all the Cremaster episodes except Cremaster 4, which has no musical score) have released CDs for Cremaster 2, Cremaster 3, and Cremaster 5. You can click on the images at left for more information.

Barney and Bepler also put out a limited edition vinyl picture disc of two of the tracks from the Cremaster 2 soundtrack: "The Man in Black" and "Drone Harness".

Although none of the Cremaster films have been released in mass-market editions, a DVD is available of The Order - the choric interlude set in the Guggenheim Museum from Cremaster 3.
Left: French version of The Order DVD.

Right: Bootleg DVD of Cremaster 1 & 2 found on ebay.

Bjork's soundtrack for Drawing Restraint 9 is available with several different covers.

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